Shndg is an irregular event held irregularly and features DIY instruments, circuit bending, noise, drone, electronic and experimental and performance artists, DJs, VJs and live film soundtrack performances. The ethos is to create an environment for audio and video artists outside the commercial constraints of highstreet venues. The events are often held at The Artful Lodge , an old ground keepers lodge tucked away in a corner of Victoria Park, Portsmouth. Shndg is curated by the artist Jez Stevens.

To date artists who have played at Shndg:
Keith Seatman, Jack Packer, The Gasman, Sam Foot, Pob, Si Heartfield, Little Creature, Jez Stevens, Rusty Sheriff, Dogeeseseegod, Dr. Skrivenski, Blackpwdr Engine, Dr. Lighthouse, VJ_PowerPoint, Deepkiss 720 and Jez North.